Today Was A Good Day | Personal

Today was a good day.

Today I was happy.

Today my 3-year-old son was happy.

Today I didn’t yell.

Today my son didn’t yell.

Today I wasn’t short with him.

Today my son didn’t tantrum.

Today I wasn’t critical of him.

Today my son wasn’t impatient or frustrated.

Today I kindly established boundaries and gave calm warnings.

Today my son didn’t sit in timeout.

Today I praised my son for eating well.

Today my son did a great job eating.

Today I was a goofball with my son.

Today my son laughed and laughed till he was gasping for air.

Today I ran and ran in circles and threw the ball with my son.

Today my son got out all of his energy.

Today I peacefully and patiently got my son ready for bed.

Today my son went to bed easily and early.

Most days are nowhere near perfect. Most days I am grasping for one more ounce of patience. Most days I feel defeated and exhausted. Most days I feel the need to constantly get work done. Most days I feel entitled to relaxing and indulging in social media. Today was not perfect. I wasn’t the perfect mom or¬†and I didn’t do¬†everything right… but today? Today was a good day! IMG_8949 IMG_8952 IMG_8944