Brynn | “Keeping the Peace” | Newborn Session | Nancy Wiley Photography | Virginia Beach Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Brynn’s parents started their journey in not the most typical romantic environment. They like to tell people that they met in jail, and then usually get some pretty stunned looks and are asked for more details!! Jacqueline and Cody actually met at the Norfolk City jail where they both worked; Jacqueline as a nurse, and Cody as a police officer.

“We joke and say that we are the typical American family – a cop and a nurse!” Jacqueline shared. Cody was born and raised in Virginia, while Jacqueline is originally from Germany and moved to the States when she was 12. Jacqueline enlisted in the Army Reserves, which brought her to Virginia Beach. Check out the special poses of newborn Brynn with her daddy’s police cap and mommy’s uniform and dog tags!

Tiny Brynn kept her parents on their toes the whole pregnancy with small hiccups here and there, and decided to make her entrance into the world three weeks early! Brynn was what is called “Frank breech” inside her mommy’s womb, so her little legs stuck straight up in front of her body with her feet near her head. During her session, Brynn’s sweet legs decided they were most comfortable sticking straight out, sometimes right up in the air, even while completely relaxed and asleep! 🙂 Also check out the insanely cute little pout that Brynn puts on while her mommy was holding her! Too precious!!

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