ROAR – Kamden-osaurus is FOUR | Personal

Dear Kamden,

What a wonderful day I had with you today, Kam Man! You woke me up as you usually do, and I surprised you with your very own dinosaur bedroom! Not only were you so excited and happy, but you were so appreciative and gracious. You thanked me over and over and told me many times, “I like this!!”

Oh the three’s… I’d be lying if I said the three’s were easier than the two’s. I used to naievely state that the three’s were all how you handled the two’s! I found out the hard way that that is not necessarily the case! Oh, my super smart, strong-willed, action-packed son… you put up a good fight, young one. We had many a rough day as you ventured forth asserting your independence and strong views.

As much as you absolutely adored your baby brother when he came, it was quickly evident how you intensely expressed this big change in your life! Your mighty body has been quite a challenge for you, but you’ve learned to slow down and tame at least most of that wildness. You’ve gained so much compassion toward your brother now and are learning every day how to make him happy and practice being the gentle soul that I know is inside that exuberant little body of yours!

The three’s were indeed a bumpy journey, but we got through it, and I couldn’t be more proud of you today. The maturity, insight, sensitivity, and warmth you’ve shown lately blows me away.

You’ve taught me so much this past year, once again. To always seek out excitement in life. There’s no time for being lazy! Be silly, and be silly often! Make silly faces. Forgive quickly and genuinely. Ask questions. Ask why! Run! Race! Spin! Hit the ball! Goof off with your buddies. Play. Sit together. Tell stories! Laugh loud and long. Tell those you love that you love them as often as you can.

I love loving you, my baby boy. Baby, you’ll move mountains!! I just know it. ❤ Happy 4th Birthday, Kam Man. I love you more. No you! 😉



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