Preston | Festive Fall Session | VA Beach Photographer

My little Kamden and I met Mr. Preston when he was only three months old! My neighbor and now good friend, Christine, and I were both walking our chronically cranky infants who much preferred to be outside. We soon learned that our little tykes had quite a bit in common, and over two years later they are great buddies! We shot this session at our beloved local park where we have spent many an outing chasing our active little boys all around. Preston was quite the impressive two-year-old at his session, giving me plenty of smiles, sitting, and waiting till we said okay for him to “go play with Kam?” ūüôā I just love themed sessions, and take a look at the beautiful fall colors starting to come out!

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Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-1 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-2 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-3 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-4 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-5 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-6 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-7 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-8 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-16 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-17 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-18 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-19 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-20 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-21 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-22


Kearstyn + Jerrimie | Home Is Where the Heart Is | 3 Year Anniversary | VA Beach Couples Photographer

Kearstyn and Jerrimie were¬†high school sweethearts! They actually both met in Kindergarten, but didn’t start dating until¬†their junior year of high school. Kearstyn and Jerrimie¬†are both from small towns in Ohio, and the Marines brought them to Virginia a little over 2 1/2 years ago. Together they have a beautiful 20-month-old daughter named Natalee. They are anxiously awaiting Jerrimie’s new orders, but one thing is for sure, for Kearstyn and Jerrimie, “Home is where the heart is!”

I just love how they decided to celebrate their 3rd year of marriage with a sunset photo session together¬†by the pier¬†at Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach. It is so important to keep that spark alive!! ‚̧

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Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-1 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-2 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-3 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-4 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-5 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-6 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-7 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-8 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-9 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-10 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-11 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-12 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-13 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-15 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-16 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-17 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-18 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-19 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-20 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-21 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-22 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-23 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-24 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-25 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-26 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-27 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-28

Vecchio Family | A Virginia Beach Sunset & the Cutest Little Sand-Eater Ever | VA Beach Family Photographer

The¬†Vecchio Family contacted me about doing a family session for them and to capture their fun little boy right after his first birthday! It was such a joy to hang out with this sweet family on the beach of First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach at sunset. There is nothing like a beach sunset!! Amelia & Mike’s little guy adventured through the park, conducted an antique train car, and sneaked numerous samples of Virginia Beach sand!! Haha!

The following is Amelia’s intro and description of their adorable¬†little man…

“When I was pregnant we were so excited to meet our little boy. ‘What will he be like?’ We’d say. ‘Who will he be?’ Well, within a few days after he was born we figured out that he was a smiley, happy, interactive little guy, who nursed with enthusiasm and took to tummy time naturally. As time went on, we learned he had a silly side, a determined/stubborn side and an adventurous side, among others! Now that he’s a year, we have a walking, running, exploring, chattering, sweet little boy who laughs easily, and brings smiles to many people’s faces. We had such fun during this photo shoot! Many of these sides came out and several of our family shots had to be delayed while he explored his surroundings. Boy did he love the train and the sand!!”

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Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-1 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-2 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-3 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-4 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-6 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-7 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-8 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-9 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-10 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-11 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-12 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-13 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-14 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-15 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-18 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-19 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-20 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-22 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-23 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-24 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-25 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-26 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-28 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-29 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-30 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-31 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-32 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-34 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-35 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-36 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-37 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-39 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-40 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-41 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-42 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-43 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-44 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-45 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-46 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-47 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-48 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-49 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-50 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-51 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-52 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-53 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-54 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-55 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-56 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-57 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-58 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-59 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-60 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-61 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-62 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-64 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-65 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-66 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-67 Vecchio_FB_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-68

Chen Family | Constantly On Their Toes | Family Session | Virginia Family Photographer

Liz and Ling met each other in college (Ling attended Virginia Tech and Liz went to George Mason University) and they were married after they graduated.  They now reside in Centreville, Virginia with their two children Leah (18 months) and Mitch (2.5 years) and their puggle Dilbert!

Mitch and Leah for the most part are loving siblings with the occasional hair-pulling and rivalry on who gets to sit in the front of the shopping cart when they go grocery shopping!!  Haha!  Their favorite activities together are playing with Legos (Leah usually demolishes anything that Mitch creates), hanging out with friends, teaming up to help each other steal snacks from the kitchen cabinets, and riding around the neighborhood in Mitch’s power tractor.  They are an energetic pair and are not known to stay or sit in one place for long periods of time which keeps both parents constantly on their toes!!

I definitely understand this with my own very active (crazy)¬†one, so I could totally sympathize with Liz and Ling’s busy, busy lives! I just loved following Leah and Mitch around as they explored Green Spring Gardens Park in Alexandria, Virginia! I also loved how this family brought props to bang out two holiday pictures in one full session (Fall/Halloween/Christmas)!!

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Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-2 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-3 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-4 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-5 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-7 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-8 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-9 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-10 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-11 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-12 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-13 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-15 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-16 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-18 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-20 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-22 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-23 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-25 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-26 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-28 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-29 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-30 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-31 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-32 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-33 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-34 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-36 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-37 Chen_Family_VA_Family_Photographer-38

Our Five Year Wedding Anniversary | Celebrating in an Extra Special Way!!! | Personal

My hubby Karlton¬†and I have been together for over 13 years, but this August we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! This year we decided to celebrate in an extra special way, with the help of Michelle of Michelle Marsh Photography!! Michelle is a good pal of mine, and I couldn’t have asked for a better, sweeter, more talented photographer to do this special session for us! I really wanted some super romantic shots of the hubs and me, and I also had a couple other big ideas in mind as well!

The last five years have been wonderful as we’ve gotten married, bought our first home, both started new careers, and of course started our family with our Kam Man!!! The past year hasn’t always been an easy one, especially with the pregnancy loss we experienced in June. Nonetheless, our relationship has remained strong, and we really love the life we’ve built together. First, here are a¬†few throwbacks from our 13 years together!

Please make sure to also scroll to the bottom for¬†a very¬†special video compilation of the AMAZING photo shoot that we had with Michelle. Please check it out to see why it is sooo special and meaningful to us both!!! ūüėČ

Please make sure to click the Settings button below (the little gear) to switch to 1080p HD before viewing. Thanks!! Enjoy! ūüôā