Harper Rhea | Fun & Fiesty | Toddler Session

Meet Harper Rhea. 19 months old and quite the beauty!! What makes Harper very unique, in her grandma Emma’s opinion, is that she is one fiesty little girly girl! One look into her gorgeous, piercing blue eyes, and you can see why this little one is totally spoiled by her grandma! Emma states that every time little Harper comes over to her house, she looks into the closet to search for new pretty clothes and shoes to wear!!!

Harper had a total blast exploring Mt. Trashmore (a former landfill) with us, and it was hard for me to see her infamous fiestiness while she was completely consumed with smelling the flowers, falling in the mulch, and asking sweetly for more “snacks!” I have been warned, however, that she is not always as perfectly sweet. Having a high-energy toddler of my own who often behaves wonderfully in public when he’s occupied by being out, I understand this phenomenon completely.

Fierce boldness aside, little Miss Harper was a total joy (for me), and I got to see her express her artistic side while she painted (finger-painted/finger-smeared/glitter-paint-squirted) a beautiful masterpiece of her own atop the Mt. Trashmore man-made mountain. A piece almost as beautiful as her sweet face. She also took a brief safari with some jungle animals! Take a look!!

Oh, and her gorgeous self definitely did not help my baby fever… I decided that I would absolutely love to have a baby girl that looks just like her!! 😉

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Taylor | A Bright Young Lady | Individual Photo Session

I had the pleasure of photographing my coworker’s gorgeous daughter, Taylor, at the VA Tech Hampton Roads AREC Display Gardens in Virginia Beach, VA. Taylor definitely rocked it and was very comfortable in front of the camera. It’s evident that she has a shining personality. Just look at how her beauty shines through, and I think I can even see her gazing up at her bright future off in the distance!

In her mom, Beverly’s words, “Taylor is a sweet girl who enjoys her family and friends and being outdoors. She is quite a nerd and will always be a big kid! She hopes to work in an ad agency working on magazine ads. Dream job!” I have no doubt that this girl will be fulfilling her dreams in no time!!!

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