Chen Family | Constantly On Their Toes | Family Session | Virginia Family Photographer

Liz and Ling met each other in college (Ling attended Virginia Tech and Liz went to George Mason University) and they were married after they graduated.  They now reside in Centreville, Virginia with their two children Leah (18 months) and Mitch (2.5 years) and their puggle Dilbert!

Mitch and Leah for the most part are loving siblings with the occasional hair-pulling and rivalry on who gets to sit in the front of the shopping cart when they go grocery shopping!!  Haha!  Their favorite activities together are playing with Legos (Leah usually demolishes anything that Mitch creates), hanging out with friends, teaming up to help each other steal snacks from the kitchen cabinets, and riding around the neighborhood in Mitch’s power tractor.  They are an energetic pair and are not known to stay or sit in one place for long periods of time which keeps both parents constantly on their toes!!

I definitely understand this with my own very active (crazy) one, so I could totally sympathize with Liz and Ling’s busy, busy lives! I just loved following Leah and Mitch around as they explored Green Spring Gardens Park in Alexandria, Virginia! I also loved how this family brought props to bang out two holiday pictures in one full session (Fall/Halloween/Christmas)!!

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Calvi Family | Holiday/Maternity Session

I have known Tina & Eric for several years now, so it was awesome getting to photograph this couple and their adorable little GROWING family!! 🙂 My husband met Eric in the Navy, where Eric continues to serve today. Their two handsome little boys were full of giggles despite the literally freezing temperatures at this photo session. Thank goodness for a couple candy canes that spared the tears for a few minutes for the frozen little guys! How exciting is it that next month they will finally be bringing a little girl to the family giving Aidan & Cylas a baby sister!!! She will never experience a dull moment with these fun and silly big brothers (and daddy) to entertain her, for sure!