Preston | Festive Fall Session | VA Beach Photographer

My little Kamden and I met Mr. Preston when he was only three months old! My neighbor and now good friend, Christine, and I were both walking our chronically cranky infants who much preferred to be outside. We soon learned that our little tykes had quite a bit in common, and over two years later they are great buddies! We shot this session at our beloved local park where we have spent many an outing chasing our active little boys all around. Preston was quite the impressive two-year-old at his session, giving me plenty of smiles, sitting, and waiting till we said okay for him to “go play with Kam?” 🙂 I just love themed sessions, and take a look at the beautiful fall colors starting to come out!

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Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-1 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-2 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-3 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-4 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-5 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-6 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-7 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-8 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-16 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-17 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-18 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-19 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-20 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-21 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-22