“I Love You to the Cowboy!” | Kamden’s 3rd Birthday | Personal

Dear Kamden,

Well, you haven’t slowed down one bit! From the moment you started kicking me from inside my belly, you’ve been on the go!! I wouldn’t have it any other way. You have such a spark for life, buddy. I have so much to learn from you! You’re never bored and so full of life and joy every day! Today we celebrate your 3rd birthday and what an exciting one, as you now understand birthdays and are so up for celebrating anything!

This morning, I surprised you with huge green punching balloons when you woke up, and you exclaimed, “Banoons! I wove banoons!!!” ūüôā Once we got downstairs, you discovered your “pwesents,” and exclaimed, “It’s my birthday now!!” You got your Thomas & Friends Cranky the Crane that you’ve talked about for months now, and “a¬†‘mote control dinosaur” as you’d say, because Mommy just couldn’t wait 8 more days till Christmas to give it to you! Let’s just say Santa and Mommy made a special deal.

You have grown to be such a sweet, respectful, thoughtful, fun, albeit still crazy little guy!! Sometimes you may not know what to do with your enormous amounts of energy, but I know that someday that will all channel into something great, and you will be so successful with all that drive!

The¬†twos¬†did end up being a little more challenging than I had imagined, but at the same time was more fun than I’ve ever had in my life!!! You have learned so much, and I feel that I’ve learned just as much. I wish I could capture your little sweet voice forever. When you wake up in the morning and I get my minute of snuggles before your energy kicks in and you softly say, “I wove you, Mommy.” My heart melts over and over.

I hope you never lose that huge spark for life that you have. I hope that you continue to blossom and learn and make new friends at your new preschool and beyond. I hope that when you have the chance to run, you continue to¬†run free and giggle and yell, “Come on, let’s run! This is fun!!” I hope that you love your brother “Cheese Packy” as much as you somehow already are showing though Mommy’s only 5 months pregnant. You tried to play dinosaurs with him the other day, you talk to him and tell him you love him,¬†and are constantly giving him kisses! I hope you will¬†someday understand my intense¬†love for you and remember that you and your brother are the greatest joys of my life. Far greater joy¬†than I ever imagined!

Your daddy and I are so so proud of you, Kam Man. Love you to the moon and back. To infinity and beyond! And, as you would add, “Love you to the cowboy!!!” Happy 3rd Birthday!!!



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Our Five Year Wedding Anniversary | Celebrating in an Extra Special Way!!! | Personal

My hubby Karlton¬†and I have been together for over 13 years, but this August we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! This year we decided to celebrate in an extra special way, with the help of Michelle of Michelle Marsh Photography!! Michelle is a good pal of mine, and I couldn’t have asked for a better, sweeter, more talented photographer to do this special session for us! I really wanted some super romantic shots of the hubs and me, and I also had a couple other big ideas in mind as well!

The last five years have been wonderful as we’ve gotten married, bought our first home, both started new careers, and of course started our family with our Kam Man!!! The past year hasn’t always been an easy one, especially with the pregnancy loss we experienced in June. Nonetheless, our relationship has remained strong, and we really love the life we’ve built together. First, here are a¬†few throwbacks from our 13 years together!

Please make sure to also scroll to the bottom for¬†a very¬†special video compilation of the AMAZING photo shoot that we had with Michelle. Please check it out to see why it is sooo special and meaningful to us both!!! ūüėČ

Please make sure to click the Settings button below (the little gear) to switch to 1080p HD before viewing. Thanks!! Enjoy! ūüôā