Peyton | “Bringing a Little More Love to the World” | Newborn Session

So, I’ve been doing this little photography gig for a few months now, but something clicked (no pun intended – ha!) on Sunday when I started to work on capturing this precious 14-day-old baby girl. My slogan reads, “Bringing a little more love to the world, one photo at a time.” Maybe I somehow foresaw what my favorite subjects would be with the wording of my little phrase, but as I took photo after photo of newborn Peyton, I fell more and more in love with it all!! Having a brand new teeny-tiny baby is such a special time for families. Babies are only newborns for such  a short period of time… I know I definitely forgot just how little  they really are when they first come out! Being able to capture those brief precious moments for a family to enjoy forever and look back on and remember the itsy-bitsy toes, the almost invisible eyebrows, the peach fuzz hair, the pouty pink lips… it is all a HUGE honor for me.

This absolutely was my pleasure, and to top it off, baby Peyton was an absolute perfect angel!!! Not only did she sleep through all 3 hours of me photographing her in various positions, outfits, headbands, and props, but she even waited till we stuck her diaper back on to do her little business!! What a sweet little (considerate) model she was!!


A couple of months ago, I had the privilege of photographing the Calvi family for some holiday and maternity photos. My husband had met Eric, Peyton’s daddy, while they were both serving in the Navy, and Tina and I quickly became friends, especially after we both had boys first! So, when I was asked to do some newborn shots of new baby Peyton, there was no way I was turning that down!! I also just had  to take some family shots as well, including Peyton’s fun big brothers, Aidan and Cylas! So happy for these great friends of ours and the beautiful addition of a GIRL to their family!!!

“Bringing a little more love to the world…” by helping to show off this brand new sweet baby girl!! I am in love!! ❤

2014-02-10_00042014-02-10_00032014-02-10_00022014-02-10_0001 2014-02-10_0005 2014-02-10_0006 2014-02-10_0008 2014-02-10_0009Oh, and I just had to add… the photo with her mommy and daddy’s competing NFL teams? Peyton did  kick the Packers football away TWICE. Sorry Daddy, I think Mommy might have her girl on her side for that debate! Go Skins!! Haha.

2014-02-10_0010 2014-02-10_0011 2014-02-10_00122014-02-10_0007A little photo bomb attempt by big brother, Cylas!! So cute!


I love these next photos because this is a very special spot for the Calvi family! This arch was custom made by Tina’s dad for their wedding day in 2008, and it was where they took their vows!! It now stands in Tina’s parents’ backyard. Where it all began… now over five years and three kids later! 🙂

2014-02-10_0014 2014-02-10_0015 2014-02-10_0016

2014-02-10_0018OMG, look closely to see baby Peyton smiling  while her mommy and daddy give her kisses!!! What a sweetheart!




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I’ll Be Home for Christmas | Personal

Well, I have to say that this was one of the most exciting Christmases that I can remember! Not because of the gifts that I received, but because of my sweet two-year-old boy’s excitement over the whole holiday’s festivities!! Such cuteness in our house talking about, “Santa, p’esents!” and singing, “Jingle Bells” and “Oh, Ch’istmas tweeee!”

Kamden’s birthday is 8 days before Christmas, and this year we celebrated his birthday party a little early, so our son was definitely inundated with presents all throughout December! However, after Christmas Day, Kam Man finally stopped asking for “more p’esents!” Our little spoiled boy was spoiled to the max, for real!! I saw a post recently about Christmas being the one day when you get to say yes and give your kids everything they want, after a year of saying no all the time. Kamden may get a whole month of getting what he wants, but man it sure was a FUN month!!!!

This year our Christmas was made even sweeter by the arrival of Kamden’s tiny, sweet, incredibly peaceful baby cousin, Simone. What joy she has added to our family! Our once small family seems small no longer. Simone’s big sister, Jasmine, wore her tiara well this year, dancing in her princess gown, daintily giving her baby sister kisses, and graciously sharing her new toys with her cousin Kamden.

Hope you enjoy some of these images of our Christmas and the joy we all shared this holiday!! Now go kiss your special loved ones and appreciate them how they are in this very moment, because I am now totally reminiscing of my tiny baby two years ago on Christmas (who today jumped off the couch about 200 times and still took no nap – big boy)!!! Peace & love to you all!