Keyanna + Albert | Love Came Right on Time | One Year Anniversary Session

Keyanna and Albert’s first date was at a bar/restaurant/bowling alley, but Keyanna assured me it was a pretty upscale place and definitely not a cheap date! Albert was successful at charming Keyanna and they had a grand time; however, Albert did arrive late to their first date!

Keyanna and Albert got a good laugh in when they exchanged their one year anniversary gifts with each other during our session – each getting a funny surprise that they both had chosen the very same gift – a watch for each other!!! No more excuses now, Albert!! 😉

This couple right here already knows one of the great keys to a happy and successful relationship. They know how to laugh!! Albert was such a jokester from start to finish, but he sure did keep his lady smiling! So special to share these moments with Keyanna and Albert as they celebrated one year together in the delightful and classy Mosaic District in Fairfax, Virginia!

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Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-1 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-2 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-3 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-4 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-5 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-6Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-23 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-7 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-8 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-9 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-10 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-13 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-14 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-15 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-16 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-17 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-18 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-19 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-20 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-21 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-22  Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-24


West Family | The Tale of Three Brothers | Virginia Family Photographer

Most can only imagine what life with three boys aged 3 and under is like on a daily basis, but the West family lives it every day! What fun, energetic, curious boys Ryan & Melissa have! Three-year-old twins Owen & Oliver, and two-year-old younger brother, Spencer. Despite the unusual September heat, the boys had fun exploring Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, Virginia.

To get the big smiles, we did have to do some silly talk specifically geared toward little boys, but all three boys definitely showed their great sense of humor!! Check out the behind-the-scenes action of dad passing out some treats in-between shots as some nice Skittles reinforcement! 🙂

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West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-1 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-3 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-4 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-6 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-9 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-11 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-16 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-17 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-19 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-20 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-22 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-23 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-28 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-29 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-31 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-34 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-35 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-36 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-37 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-38 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-42 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-45 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-46 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-47 West_Family_Virginia_Family_Photographer-49