Szerokman Family | Beachcombing Cousins | VA Beach Family Photographer

I attempted to rewrite Maddie & Andrew’s mommy’s story of her kiddos and their sweet cousins, but then I realized that I loved it exactly the way it was written! Here goes… 🙂
“Maddie, Andrew, Anna and Emily are close cousins – though they don’t get to spend as much time together as they like with 6 states between them. When they get together, they have a good time!
Andrew being the only boy sometimes separates himself from the group and finds enjoyment in his Legos, though there are times he likes to participate in dress up play!
Maddie and Anna enjoy a fun board game, crafts, and dressing up their American Girl dolls.
Emily, though only 2, can hold her own and has become quite the expert on finding even the smallest piece of sea glass! !
A commonality among the four is that they all enjoy being at the beach. Having parents who spent so much of their childhood at the beach, it was bound to happen!”
These cousins really are the sweetest!! They really enjoyed combing Chick’s Beach under the Lynnhaven Fishing Pier for seashells and sea glass, giving the wooden pier big hugs, and jumping and splashing on the water’s edge! 
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Erin + Addison | Living in the Moment | Kids Session

Remember those carefree days when the only worry in the world was what adventure you were going to go on next? Well, I had a glimpse back into those joyful days when I had the opportunity to capture some images of 5-year-old Erin & 2-1/2-year-old Addison!! There was not an inch of the VA Tech Hampton Roads AREC Display Gardens in Virginia Beach that was not explored by these two adventurers. Erin exclaimed, “Come on, sissy!! This is so fun. This is like an adventure!”

These two beauties not only love exploring outside, but they ran, danced, and sang through fields of wildflowers in their adorable little cowgirl boots!! Little miss Erin wants to grow up to be a veterinarian, and little sis Addy will follow her big sister anywhere. I can’t wait to see where these two sisters end up on their adventures in the future. They already have a lot figured out… exploring nature’s treasures, stopping to smell the flowers, soaking up the sun, dancing like nobody’s watching, singing at the top of their lungs, spinning in circles with their eyes shut… living in the moment!!!

Take a tip from these joyous, sweet girls today and go out and explore. Live in the moment and just be. Soak up the JOY, folks! It’s so worth it. 🙂

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