Bertrand Family | Worth Waiting For | Family Session

Sooo much love for this little boy, Connor. Even through the inevitable two-year-old fits thrown throughout our photo session!! Haha. These parents kept their cool and were so patient… always with a loving look on their faces. Sarah & Tim are appreciating every single moment with their precious baby boy, and there’s a reason why they are so so appreciative of having their son, Connor.

Sarah & Tim met by chance. On a night that Sarah wasn’t meant to work, at a restaurant that Tim didn’t even want to go to that night, they happened to come across each other and were hooked!! It must’ve been fate! They were married May 10th, 2008 surrounded by their loving friends and family.

Once married, they decided to fulfill their dream of becoming parents, much like other couples, but unfortunately for Sarah & Tim, they struggled to get pregnant. After three long years of trying, “the longest of their lives,” puts Sarah, their lives were finally changed forever with the birth of their son on March 31st, 2012. Connor Scott, the light of their lives, was born perfect and was absolutely worth waiting for!!!

This session was shot at beautiful Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach before sunset, and precisely right before a certain two-year-old was totally done! Sweet Connor actually started out terrified of the sand, and as it turns out, was terribly upset to leave! Oh, life is rough, especially if you’re two!!! 😉

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