Kearstyn + Jerrimie | Home Is Where the Heart Is | 3 Year Anniversary | VA Beach Couples Photographer

Kearstyn and Jerrimie were high school sweethearts! They actually both met in Kindergarten, but didn’t start dating until their junior year of high school. Kearstyn and Jerrimie are both from small towns in Ohio, and the Marines brought them to Virginia a little over 2 1/2 years ago. Together they have a beautiful 20-month-old daughter named Natalee. They are anxiously awaiting Jerrimie’s new orders, but one thing is for sure, for Kearstyn and Jerrimie, “Home is where the heart is!”

I just love how they decided to celebrate their 3rd year of marriage with a sunset photo session together by the pier at Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach. It is so important to keep that spark alive!! ❤

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Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-1 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-2 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-3 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-4 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-5 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-6 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-7 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-8 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-9 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-10 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-11 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-12 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-13 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-15 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-16 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-17 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-18 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-19 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-20 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-21 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-22 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-23 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-24 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-25 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-26 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-27 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-28


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