Taylor | A Bright Young Lady | Individual Photo Session

I had the pleasure of photographing my coworker’s gorgeous daughter, Taylor, at the VA Tech Hampton Roads AREC Display Gardens in Virginia Beach, VA. Taylor definitely rocked it and was very comfortable in front of the camera. It’s evident that she has a shining personality. Just look at how her beauty shines through, and I think I can even see her gazing up at her bright future off in the distance!

In her mom, Beverly’s words, “Taylor is a sweet girl who enjoys her family and friends and being outdoors. She is quite a nerd and will always be a big kid! She hopes to work in an ad agency working on magazine ads. Dream job!” I have no doubt that this girl will be fulfilling her dreams in no time!!!

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Taylor_FB-2 Taylor_FB-4 Taylor_FB-5 Taylor_FB-6 Taylor_FB-7 Taylor_FB-8 Taylor_FB-9 Taylor_FB-10 Taylor_FB-11 Taylor_FB-12 Taylor_FB-13 Taylor_FB-14 Taylor_FB-15 Taylor_FB-16 Taylor_FB-17 Taylor_FB-18 Taylor_FB-19 Taylor_FB-20 Taylor_FB-21 Taylor_FB-22 Taylor_FB-23 Taylor_FB-24 Taylor_FB-25 Taylor_FB-26 Taylor_FB-27 Taylor_FB-28 Taylor_FB-29 Taylor_FB-1


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