Winn Family | A Winn-Win Survivor Story | Family Session

What a FUN family the Winns are!!! They laughed throughout the whole photo session at the VA Tech Hampton Roads AREC Display Gardens in Virginia Beach! I did not expect these parents to be so happy, silly, and FLIRTY after over 14 years together. They are also a true testament to “in sickness and in health”!

Jennifer & Josh started out back in 1998 and were married right after Valentine’s Day on February 19th, 2000. The couple was stationed in Hawaii (my birth state!!) for 3 years when Josh served in the Army, and the Aloha State is where they started their family with the birth of their son Skye, 13.

When Jen found out they were pregnant once again, they were overjoyed, but soon found out some scary news that Jen’s kidneys were failing. Their daughter Lauryn was then born a frightening 3 months early, weighing only 1 pound 15 ounces! At the time, they weren’t sure that she would even make it, but thankfully their teeny-tiny little fighter pulled through and is now thriving at age 9!!

Lauryn must have gotten her determined strength from her mommy Jen, who has bravely survived both a kidney transplant and two pancreas transplant surgeries!! Throughout their struggles, the Winn family remains a very happy, cheerful, and playful family who really knows how to enjoy themselves. Check out the couple shots of Jen & Josh… just as flirty and in-love as ever!!!

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