Mandy + Mike | Second Shooting | A Dreamy Woodsy Wedding

“Oh, I’d love to be a wedding photographer someday…”

This is a thought I’d shared many times, just talking about a dream, someday, down the road, in another time, when I would have the confidence and the resources to give it a shot. Fast forward to not even six months after starting this photography journey, and here I am jumping in with two feet, experiencing a dream of mine that I never would have guessed I’d be experiencing. Oh, and I just have to tell you, it feels so right! Excited doesn’t even begin to describe it! I am thrilled… heart-pounding, stay up late, giddy, fist-pumping, screeching ecstatic!!!! Just ask my sweet husband as he watched me start to edit this session!! 😉

This was my first experience second shooting a wedding with the absolutely fabulous, generous, helpful, photography advisor, and friend, Michelle of Michelle Marsh Photography. What a wonderful experience it was. I have always loved weddings, loved planning my own wedding, and after experiencing my own, said that I wanted to do it again!! To be able to capture these priceless moments for this couple and imagine my future doing this for others, it is surreal!

Meet Mandy & Mike. They met through friends almost four years ago and have been inseparable ever since. They have a cute, spunky, silly little two-year-old named Skylar that is the light of their lives (who also played the special part of flower girl on their big day). She “definitely keeps us on our toes!” Mandy states. Mandy and Mike were engaged for a long two-and-a-half years before they tied the knot, and they are overly excited to finally be united as one!

Mandy & Mike took their vows at the beautiful Great Neck Gazebo at Great Neck Park located in Virginia Beach. It was a gorgeous, warm, sunshine-filled day, perfect for a wedding. Check out these shots of the yellow and peach wedding I captured while second shooting with Michelle, and make sure you don’t miss Mandy’s dad’s intense emotion right after giving her away!!! Priceless.

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**Also, don’t forget to check out the main photographer for Mandy & Mike’s wedding, the wonderful and talented Michelle Marsh Photography on Facebook as well! 🙂

Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_1 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_2 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_3 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_4 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_5 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_6 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_7 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_8 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_9 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_10 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_11 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_12 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_13 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_14 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_15 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_16 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_17 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_18 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_19 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_20 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_21 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_22 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_23 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_24 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_25 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_26 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_28 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_29 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_30 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_31 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_32 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_33 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_34 Yellow_and_Peach_Virginia_Beach_Wedding_Photographer_35



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