Cherie + Keba | A Beautiful Blended Family | Family Session

What a beautiful blended family Cherie & Keba have created together! We braved the almost freezing and blustery “spring” weather at the Virginia Beach oceanfront, but these ladies had smiles all around the whole time! The love between not only these parents, but between all three of their sweet girls was very evident. Who knew it all started with two single moms in a Facebook book club!!

Cherie & Keba became friends through, yes, the modern day matchmaker, Facebook! After a year of being friends, they admitted their secret crushes on each other, and decided to “make our hearts beat as one and blend our family,” as Cherie put it. On Cherie’s birthday, Keba surprised her by proposing down on one knee in their room before going out for the night. They plan to make it official this summer in Washington, D.C. with a ceremony in Virginia next year in 2015!

These ladies are doing such a wonderful job raising their three girls, Aliah – 15, Kiya – 13, and Ari – 9. They were definitely some of the best behaved kids I’ve worked with, especially keeping in mind their preteen/teen ages!! Aliah plays the piano and violin and is an honor student. Kiya plays the alto saxophone and loves to read comic books. Youngest Ari plays the piano, sings, plays basketball and softball, and is also an honor student! This cute, big family also includes a dog, a cat, two guinea pigs, and a fish!!

They are all very silly, love to joke around, laugh, tell stories, and most of all, go to church. It is clear that Cherie & Keba are creating a family that truly knows how to enjoy themselves, appreciate life, and be grateful for their blessings!! I can’t wait to see what the future brings for all of these wonderful ladies!!!

If you enjoy my images and would like to see more, I would love for you to head over to Nancy Wiley Photography on Facebook! Thanks so much!!

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