Colin Patrick | Littlest Slugger | Newborn Session

So, in my post of Maria’s maternity session that I captured, she mentioned that she and Ethan could not wait to take their little slugger to baseball games in the future to share their passion with him. Well, in true baseball fan fashion, Colin waited to attend the Nationals-Reds game in his mommy’s belly on his due date before he decided to enter this world!! It seems Colin doesn’t want to miss a thing! With an extra tease for his parents, Colin also threatened to arrive early a few different times, only to be born a day LATE! Newborns… they’re UNpredictable!!

… But OH so cute!!!! I have always loooooooved babies, and newborns are just like the sweetest, purest, most joyous form of life that I personally am aware of, and so I jump at the opportunity to snuggle one any chance that I get! Colin was a total sweetheart. He was so well behaved after he had a full tummy, and I was able to shush his slight stirs quite easily! He even spared my beanbag and the pretty blue blanket from any eliminations… now, dad’s shirt and the white blanket did not fare as well. Haha!

Being together for over 8 1/2 years now, Maria & Ethan seem to have accepted the arrival of a newborn with grace and overwhelming love. They were so relaxed for first time parents and were such a great team already! No doubt that they have wanted this for a long time, and tiny Colin has shown up at the perfect time in their lives! To read more about Maria & Ethan’s story and take a look at their Old Town Alexandria Waterfront maternity session, check out their blog post: “MARIA + ETHAN | WAITING ON THEIR FIRST | MATERNITY SESSION”.

This newborn session was shot in Maria & Ethan’s own home, which was so special as I was able to capture what life was like during Colin’s first days. I even got a quick shot of Colin in his sweet baseball themed nursery, and towards the end, Maria & Ethan’s sweet dog, Ruby, joined for a whole family photo!!

Enjoy these images of sweet newborn Colin!! If you do, please visit Nancy Wiley Photography on Facebook to see more and show your support! Thank you very much!!

Colin_FB-1 Colin_FB-2 Colin_FB-3 Colin_FB-4 Colin_FB-5 Colin_FB-6 Colin_FB-7 Colin_FB-8 Colin_FB-9 Colin_FB-10 Colin_FB-11 Colin_FB-12 Colin_FB-13 Colin_FB-14 Colin_FB-15 Colin_FB-16 Colin_FB-17 Colin_FB-18 Colin_FB-19 Colin_FB-20 Colin_FB-21 Colin_FB-22 Colin_FB-23 Colin_FB-24 Colin_FB-25 Colin_FB-26 Colin_FB-27 Colin_FB-28 Colin_FB-29 Colin_FB-30 Colin_FB-31 Colin_FB-32 Colin_FB-33 Colin_FB-34 Colin_FB-35 Colin_FB-36 Colin_FB-37 Colin_FB-38 Colin_FB-39 Colin_FB-40 Colin_FB-41 Colin_FB-42 Colin_FB-43 Colin_FB-44 Colin_FB-45 Colin_FB-46 Colin_FB-47 Colin_FB-48 Colin_FB-49 Colin_FB-50 Colin_FB-51 Colin_FB-52 Colin_FB-53 Colin_FB-54 Colin_FB-55 Colin_FB-56 Colin_FB-57


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