Ballard-Maung Family | 200% Successful | Twin Family Session

Danny & Erin began their individual journeys in two very different places on the Earth. Danny was actually born in the country of Burma (Myanmar), moved to Singapore, finally settled in Virginia as a teenager, and later became a U.S. citizen. Erin grew up in a little town called Hartland in Vermont and moved to Virginia in 2000 to attend Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. The two crossed paths while attending VCU and later began their lives as a married couple in 2008.

Once married, Danny & Erin decided to start a family. Two long years passed when doctors finally determined that infertility issues only gave them a .1% chance of having children of their own without medical intervention. After a lengthy medical process, Danny & Erin went in to find out if they were pregnant. As Erin put it, “We discovered we were 200% successful!” After all their struggles, they found out that they were not only expecting, but they were expecting a TWIN pregnancy!!

Erin continued, “We couldn’t have been more blessed or more grateful that we got two crazy, rambunctious, healthy boys who are the center of our universe. All the unknowns, all the fears of infertility and the process itself were worth the outcome.”

This family session was shot at the beautiful and historic Manassas Battlefield in Manassas, Virginia before sunset. Elijiah (Eli) & Gabriel (Gabe) had great fun running around the battlefield and exploring the grounds. One of their favorite things was repeatedly yelling, “Helloooo” into the crack of the locked door on the white barn. In true twin fashion, where one twin ran, the other, in turn, galloped the opposite way! However, I was somehow able to capture a few shots of them together, and even a couple of the boys sweetly hugging each other!! Best buddies for life, for sure!!!

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Ballard-Maung_FB-1 Ballard-Maung_FB-2 Ballard-Maung_FB-4 Ballard-Maung_FB-5 Ballard-Maung_FB-6 Ballard-Maung_FB-7 Ballard-Maung_FB-9 Ballard-Maung_FB-11 Ballard-Maung_FB-12 Ballard-Maung_FB-13 Ballard-Maung_FB-14 Ballard-Maung_FB-15 Ballard-Maung_FB-16 Ballard-Maung_FB-17 Ballard-Maung_FB-18 Ballard-Maung_FB-20 Ballard-Maung_FB-22 Ballard-Maung_FB-23 Ballard-Maung_FB-24 Ballard-Maung_FB-25 Ballard-Maung_FB-27 Ballard-Maung_FB-28 Ballard-Maung_FB-29 Ballard-Maung_FB-30 Ballard-Maung_FB-32 Ballard-Maung_FB-33 Ballard-Maung_FB-34 Ballard-Maung_FB-35 Ballard-Maung_FB-36 Ballard-Maung_FB-37 Ballard-Maung_FB-38 Ballard-Maung_FB-39 Ballard-Maung_FB-40 Ballard-Maung_FB-41 Ballard-Maung_FB-43 Ballard-Maung_FB-46 Ballard-Maung_FB-47 Ballard-Maung_FB-49 Ballard-Maung_FB-50 Ballard-Maung_FB-51 Ballard-Maung_FB-52 Ballard-Maung_FB-54 Ballard-Maung_FB-55 Ballard-Maung_FB-56 Ballard-Maung_FB-57 Ballard-Maung_FB-58 Ballard-Maung_FB-59 Ballard-Maung_FB-61 Ballard-Maung_FB-63 Ballard-Maung_FB-64 Ballard-Maung_FB-65 Ballard-Maung_FB-66 Ballard-Maung_FB-67 Ballard-Maung_FB-68 Ballard-Maung_FB-69 Ballard-Maung_FB-70 Ballard-Maung_FB-71 Ballard-Maung_FB-72 Ballard-Maung_FB-73 Ballard-Maung_FB-74 Ballard-Maung_FB-75 Ballard-Maung_FB-77 Ballard-Maung_FB-78 Ballard-Maung_FB-79 Ballard-Maung_FB-80 Ballard-Maung_FB-81 Ballard-Maung_FB-83 Ballard-Maung_FB-84 Ballard-Maung_FB-85 Ballard-Maung_FB-86 Ballard-Maung_FB-87 Ballard-Maung_FB-88 Ballard-Maung_FB-89 Ballard-Maung_FB-90 Ballard-Maung_FB-91 Ballard-Maung_FB-92 Ballard-Maung_FB-93


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