Tyler Family | Enjoying Every Season | VA Beach Family Photographer

Well, I certainly snapped, snapped, snapped away at the Tyler family session, as we tried to sneak in our long-awaited session before a summer storm rolled in and drenched us, the Virginia Beach sands, and Amanda’s cute green bench! So glad I was able to (quickly) capture this great friend of mine and her sweet kiddos (and a couple cousins) at their favorite beach spot! 
Mom, Amanda, said about her family, “We have so much fun and don’t want for anything!” They enjoy EVERY season of childhood. Amanda explained that she is never ready for a season to end, and every season is better than the last! They grow together as a family, and help each other grow in each season they are in. The Tyler family loves to travel to new places, and they all love sports of any kind, but especially football and wrestling right now. 
The oldest, Jacob, 15, has the kindest, most genuine heart. He is a beast in sports, and is usually a leader on his sports teams. He works hard at everything he does. He takes great care of his mother. When he is not busy with sports or school, he spends hours practicing his electric guitar.
Amanda’s second, David, 13, is wise beyond his years, and he is a natural leader. He was born with a drive and focus that most adults don’t have! He excels in sports and academics. He is a fierce protector of kids younger than him and kids with special needs. 
The youngest, Emma, 8, is always on the go! She is always an optimist and wants to try everything. She is both a girly girl and a tomboy all at the same time. She loves dressing up, getting her nails done, and doesn’t understand why she can’t wear makeup yet! With that being said, she also loves catching frogs, getting muddy, and competing in sports just like her older brothers. 
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  Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-1 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-3 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-5 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-6 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-7 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-9 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-10 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-11 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-12 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-13 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-14 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-15 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-16 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-17 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-18 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-19 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-20 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-21 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-22

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