Vann Family | Love With All You Got | VA Beach Family Photographer

Megan & Chris knew each other since they were very young. Throughout the years, they kept in touch through Facebook. In late 2012, they became a couple and were married the following year in June! Megan explains, “We always try to have fun no matter what we are doing.” 

The couple has two kids: Kayden, 10, who loves video games, baseball, and snacks; and Hadley, 4, who loves dolls and stuffed animals! Megan & Chris are also expecting their first baby together in January 2015 and are very excited!! The family holds every moment and memory together as precious, since they are only all together every summer and every other holiday. They cherish every experience they have together. According to Megan, “We always say, ‘live, laugh, and love with everything you got!'” 

Kayden & Hadley definitely had a blast at Pleasure House Point in Virginia Beach, exploring the trails along Virginia Beach’s tidal marsh, ponds, maritime forest, and the sandy shores of the Lynnhaven River. 

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