Megan & Chris | Love At First Sight | Maternity Session

Megan & Chris are so eagerly awaiting their sweet baby girl’s arrival! They made sure to get their maternity portraits done a little bit early before Chris leaves for deployment at the end of the month. I will tell you, this couple needs very little direction at their photo shoots! Chris’ love for Megan and his new baby is so apparent! He could barely keep his hands off his gorgeous wife’s growing belly and had no problem at all giving her belly lots of kisses!! I was so excited to work with this family again and capture such a special time in their lives. There’s nothing like it!!

Check out the family session that I did for the Vann Family over the summer here: Vann Family Session.

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Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-1 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-2 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-3 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-4 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-5 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-9 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-10 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-12 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-13 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-14 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-15 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-16 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-18 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-20 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-21 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-22 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-24 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-25 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-26 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-27 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-28 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-29 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-31 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-32 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-34 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-36 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-37 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-38 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-39 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-40 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-41 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-43 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-44 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-46 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-47 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-49 Vann_VA_Beach_Maternity_Photographer-50


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