Ginny + Brian | A Surprise Proposal | VA Beach Engagement Photographer

Ginny was actually the one to contact me months back about doing a family session for her, her boyfriend Brian, and her daughter Haley. I was so happy when we were able to get together to do the session amongst the gorgeous, colorful, fall leaves. Much to my surprise, Brian slipped me a little note shortly after arriving that said, “I have a ring, and I plan to propose, so be prepared!” Before I knew what the note said, I responded with a loud, “Thank you!!” thinking he was handing me their session payment. Thankfully Ginny didn’t notice anything and was still completely clueless! Haha, phew!!

About half-way through our session, Brian got down on one knee, and proposed to Ginny!! She was totally surprised and cried tears of joy! The couple then spent a couple sweet moments hugging Haley and enjoying the moment together. We just had to do a quick reenactment with the fall leaves in the background as well! What a perfectly beautiful place for a proposal that was made so much more special with Ginny’s sweet daughter there! How awesome is this background with Haley’s beautiful hair too?!

Please like Nancy Wiley Photography to see more! Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-1 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-2 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-3 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-4 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-5 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-6 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-7 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-8 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-9 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-10 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-11 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-13 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-14 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-15 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-16 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-17 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-18 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-19 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-20 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-21 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-22 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-23 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-24 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-25 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-26 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-27 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-28 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-29 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-30 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-31 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-32 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-33 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-34 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-35 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-36 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-37 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-38 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-39 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-40 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-41 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-42 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-43 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-44 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-45 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-46 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-47 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-48 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-50 Ginny_VA_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-52

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