Luke Jonah | Little Brother to An Angel | Newborn Session | Virginia Beach Photographer

Baby Luke Jonah made his long-awaited debut into the world the week before Christmas. An incredibly special Christmas present to his parents Danielle and Jonah. Luke is not only Danielle and Jonah’s first son, but he is the proud little brother to a beautiful angel, his big sister Lydia Jaelle.

As Luke is a rainbow baby bringing joy and hope to his family, you will find him sporting his special rainbow hat with a ladybug in honor of his “Lydibug.” His little onesie states, “Hand picked for Earth by my sister in Heaven.” Luke was also wide awake and staring directly at me wearing his knit owl hat to go with his gray owl nursery, another honor to his sister Lydia who had a purple owl nursery. Finally, he shared some sweet cuddles (and smiles!!) with “Lydia Bear,” a specially crafted memorial bear that weighs the same exact weight as his sister did at birth. What an incredible honor it was to capture this amazing little boy who was sent from up above!

To learn more about Luke’s big sister Lydia’s story and her Legacy of Love campaign raising money to donate Cuddle Cots to hospitals enabling loved ones of babies born still to spend more priceless time with their babies, please visit: Lydia & Leah’s Legacy of Love: A Cuddle Cot Campaign. To help prevent stillbirth and save babies lives, please visit Count the Kicks and share with all of your loved ones. Thanks! LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-4LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-3Luke_Newborn-4.jpgLukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-26LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-25LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-27LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-19LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-20LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-7LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-6LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-5LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-23LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-21LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-22LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-24LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-17LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-18LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-8LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-14LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-13LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-12LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-16LukeJonah_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-15


ROAR – Kamden-osaurus is FOUR | Personal

Dear Kamden,

What a wonderful day I had with you today, Kam Man! You woke me up as you usually do, and I surprised you with your very own dinosaur bedroom! Not only were you so excited and happy, but you were so appreciative and gracious. You thanked me over and over and told me many times, “I like this!!”

Oh the three’s… I’d be lying if I said the three’s were easier than the two’s. I used to naievely state that the three’s were all how you handled the two’s! I found out the hard way that that is not necessarily the case! Oh, my super smart, strong-willed, action-packed son… you put up a good fight, young one. We had many a rough day as you ventured forth asserting your independence and strong views.

As much as you absolutely adored your baby brother when he came, it was quickly evident how you intensely expressed this big change in your life! Your mighty body has been quite a challenge for you, but you’ve learned to slow down and tame at least most of that wildness. You’ve gained so much compassion toward your brother now and are learning every day how to make him happy and practice being the gentle soul that I know is inside that exuberant little body of yours!

The three’s were indeed a bumpy journey, but we got through it, and I couldn’t be more proud of you today. The maturity, insight, sensitivity, and warmth you’ve shown lately blows me away.

You’ve taught me so much this past year, once again. To always seek out excitement in life. There’s no time for being lazy! Be silly, and be silly often! Make silly faces. Forgive quickly and genuinely. Ask questions. Ask why! Run! Race! Spin! Hit the ball! Goof off with your buddies. Play. Sit together. Tell stories! Laugh loud and long. Tell those you love that you love them as often as you can.

I love loving you, my baby boy. Baby, you’ll move mountains!! I just know it. ❤ Happy 4th Birthday, Kam Man. I love you more. No you! 😉



photo 5553291_10100156739584747_511353606_nunnamedunnamed610176191_10100892480249557_1050130432_nKam_Kai-1Kam_Bday-1

Today Was A Good Day | Personal

Today was a good day.

Today I was happy.

Today my 3-year-old son was happy.

Today I didn’t yell.

Today my son didn’t yell.

Today I wasn’t short with him.

Today my son didn’t tantrum.

Today I wasn’t critical of him.

Today my son wasn’t impatient or frustrated.

Today I kindly established boundaries and gave calm warnings.

Today my son didn’t sit in timeout.

Today I praised my son for eating well.

Today my son did a great job eating.

Today I was a goofball with my son.

Today my son laughed and laughed till he was gasping for air.

Today I ran and ran in circles and threw the ball with my son.

Today my son got out all of his energy.

Today I peacefully and patiently got my son ready for bed.

Today my son went to bed easily and early.

Most days are nowhere near perfect. Most days I am grasping for one more ounce of patience. Most days I feel defeated and exhausted. Most days I feel the need to constantly get work done. Most days I feel entitled to relaxing and indulging in social media. Today was not perfect. I wasn’t the perfect mom or and I didn’t do everything right… but today? Today was a good day! IMG_8949 IMG_8952 IMG_8944

Aida & TJ | ‘The Notebook’ Session | VA Beach Couples Photographer| Nancy Wiley Photography

“In times of grief and sorrow, I will hold you and rock you and take your grief and make it my own. When you cry I cry and when you hurt I hurt. And together we will try to hold back the floods to tears and despair and make it through the potholed street of life.”  – Nicholas Sparks, “The Notebook”

Aida & TJ will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary together this November. Celebrating… but while on different sides of the world! TJ proudly serves in the Navy, so the couple chose to do their anniversary session a few months early before he deploys once again.

To celebrate, Aida & TJ chose to do an incredibly special photo shoot theme based on the movie, “The Notebook.” The movie proves to be more than just a favorite of Aida’s! The couple both relate strongly to “The Notebook,” because much like Allie in the movie, Aida’s parents did not approve of her and TJ dating, and they had to fight to be together!! After four years, Aida had finally had enough of others telling her who to love and was able to move out on her own to be with TJ. “The Notebook” also happens to be one of the first movies they watched together when they were only 15.

Not only did Aida & TJ face disapproval from her family, but many others used to tell them that they were too young to know what love was! The road was super difficult with many ups and downs, but the two held strong and have proven that true love does exist, no matter what the age!! Ten years later, just look at the love that still emanates from these two lovebirds!!!

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Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life for Colton | Newborn Session | VA Beach Newborn Photographer

What a sweet pea this tiny pirate named Colton was for me!! The cute scallywag did gave his parents a little scare before he arrived into the world, and didn’t waste much time before he gave them yet another! Thankfully, all is well with little Colton now and he’s keeping his parents busy being a normal newborn troublemaker!

Appropriately, six years ago, Colton’s parents Jenn and Jason had their first date at the Pirate Exhibit at Nauticus, a maritime-themed science center and museum located on the downtown waterfront in Norfolk, Virginia. Pirate-loving Jenn professed that, “Jason knew the way to my heart.” ❤

Captain Colton was the perfect mini snoozing pirate for his newborn session with me! The little lad even let me use his awesome pirate treasure chest handcrafted by his grandpa.

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Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-1 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-55 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-53 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-52 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-48 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-47 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-46 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-44 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-43 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-42 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-41 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-40 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-39 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-38 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-37 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-34 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-33 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-32 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-30 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-29 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-28 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-26 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-25 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-24 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-23 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-22 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-21 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-20 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-19 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-18 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-17 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-16 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-15 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-14 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-13 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-12 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-11 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-10 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-7 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-4 Colton_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-3

Kai Everett | Our Rainbow Baby | Newborn Session | Personal | VA Beach Newborn Photographer

Our sweet, sweet Kai Everett made his appearance into the world on Friday, April 17th, 2015… with a few unexpected events! My pregnancy with him was generally without any complications, other than a great deal of discomfort at the end due to his hefty size for his tiny little mama!! At 37 weeks, we were told that he was breech and that a C-section would be scheduled for April 16th due to the risks of a breech birth and the high unlikelihood of him flipping to a head down position due to his and my size.

Sure enough, just minutes before I was to receive meds for my scheduled C-section (and over 3 hours after checking in), an ultrasound showed that our little big guy had turned himself head down!! We cancelled the surgery and decided to go ahead with an induction, since we were already admitted into the hospital with IV’s and everything, and my loved ones were already present or on their way to meet the new baby!

A very, very slooow progression of labor ensued… with not much at all happening the whole day and night on Thursday, even with full doses of Pitocin, consistent contractions, and many walks around the labor and delivery ward with my portable monitor! Once the new shift and doctor came on board Friday morning, things finally got to progressing once my water was broken. A total of 23 hours later, at 3:27pm on Friday the 17th, Kai Everett was born weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces and 20 inches long!

Shortly after his birth, I had a little scare with some excruciating pain, which we quickly discovered was my uterus overreacting to a couple large clots that were then manually hemorrhaged with extreme force by my obstetrician. Unfortunately, with an epidural that had mostly run out by then, it was not so fun for mommy, to say the least!!! Morphine to the rescue once the situation was under control, and all was well! We are so grateful for skilled medical staff that were able to control the situation so quickly, even if it felt like an eternity in the moment!!

All the pains and complications were totally and completely worth it for our sweet and peaceful rainbow baby, Kai. Many of you know that I was born in Hawaii, so the Hawaiian name Kai meaning ocean or sea was a perfect fit for our little rainbow after the storm. He is such a blessing to our family and we have been enjoying him immensely for the past 13 days. On day 8, I captured a few shots of newborn Kai (with my push gift – my new lens – I might add)!

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Crochet newborn outfit courtesy of JustForBabyWithLove on Etsy!

Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-2 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-4 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-7 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-9 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-10 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-12 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-13 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-14 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-18 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-21 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-23 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-24 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-26 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-27 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-28 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-31 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-32 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-33 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-34 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-35 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-36 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-37 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-38 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-39 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-40 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-41 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-43 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-44 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-45 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-46 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-47 Kai_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-48

Keyanna + Albert | Love Came Right on Time | One Year Anniversary Session

Keyanna and Albert’s first date was at a bar/restaurant/bowling alley, but Keyanna assured me it was a pretty upscale place and definitely not a cheap date! Albert was successful at charming Keyanna and they had a grand time; however, Albert did arrive late to their first date!

Keyanna and Albert got a good laugh in when they exchanged their one year anniversary gifts with each other during our session – each getting a funny surprise that they both had chosen the very same gift – a watch for each other!!! No more excuses now, Albert!! 😉

This couple right here already knows one of the great keys to a happy and successful relationship. They know how to laugh!! Albert was such a jokester from start to finish, but he sure did keep his lady smiling! So special to share these moments with Keyanna and Albert as they celebrated one year together in the delightful and classy Mosaic District in Fairfax, Virginia!

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Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-1 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-2 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-3 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-4 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-5 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-6Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-23 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-7 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-8 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-9 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-10 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-13 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-14 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-15 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-16 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-17 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-18 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-19 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-20 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-21 Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-22  Keyanna_Albert_VA_Beach_Photographer-24

“I Love You to the Cowboy!” | Kamden’s 3rd Birthday | Personal

Dear Kamden,

Well, you haven’t slowed down one bit! From the moment you started kicking me from inside my belly, you’ve been on the go!! I wouldn’t have it any other way. You have such a spark for life, buddy. I have so much to learn from you! You’re never bored and so full of life and joy every day! Today we celebrate your 3rd birthday and what an exciting one, as you now understand birthdays and are so up for celebrating anything!

This morning, I surprised you with huge green punching balloons when you woke up, and you exclaimed, “Banoons! I wove banoons!!!” 🙂 Once we got downstairs, you discovered your “pwesents,” and exclaimed, “It’s my birthday now!!” You got your Thomas & Friends Cranky the Crane that you’ve talked about for months now, and “a ‘mote control dinosaur” as you’d say, because Mommy just couldn’t wait 8 more days till Christmas to give it to you! Let’s just say Santa and Mommy made a special deal.

You have grown to be such a sweet, respectful, thoughtful, fun, albeit still crazy little guy!! Sometimes you may not know what to do with your enormous amounts of energy, but I know that someday that will all channel into something great, and you will be so successful with all that drive!

The twos did end up being a little more challenging than I had imagined, but at the same time was more fun than I’ve ever had in my life!!! You have learned so much, and I feel that I’ve learned just as much. I wish I could capture your little sweet voice forever. When you wake up in the morning and I get my minute of snuggles before your energy kicks in and you softly say, “I wove you, Mommy.” My heart melts over and over.

I hope you never lose that huge spark for life that you have. I hope that you continue to blossom and learn and make new friends at your new preschool and beyond. I hope that when you have the chance to run, you continue to run free and giggle and yell, “Come on, let’s run! This is fun!!” I hope that you love your brother “Cheese Packy” as much as you somehow already are showing though Mommy’s only 5 months pregnant. You tried to play dinosaurs with him the other day, you talk to him and tell him you love him, and are constantly giving him kisses! I hope you will someday understand my intense love for you and remember that you and your brother are the greatest joys of my life. Far greater joy than I ever imagined!

Your daddy and I are so so proud of you, Kam Man. Love you to the moon and back. To infinity and beyond! And, as you would add, “Love you to the cowboy!!!” Happy 3rd Birthday!!!



To see Kamden’s 2-year blog post, click here: Greatest Love I’ve Ever Known.

Ginny + Brian | A Surprise Proposal | VA Beach Engagement Photographer

Ginny was actually the one to contact me months back about doing a family session for her, her boyfriend Brian, and her daughter Haley. I was so happy when we were able to get together to do the session amongst the gorgeous, colorful, fall leaves. Much to my surprise, Brian slipped me a little note shortly after arriving that said, “I have a ring, and I plan to propose, so be prepared!” Before I knew what the note said, I responded with a loud, “Thank you!!” thinking he was handing me their session payment. Thankfully Ginny didn’t notice anything and was still completely clueless! Haha, phew!!

About half-way through our session, Brian got down on one knee, and proposed to Ginny!! She was totally surprised and cried tears of joy! The couple then spent a couple sweet moments hugging Haley and enjoying the moment together. We just had to do a quick reenactment with the fall leaves in the background as well! What a perfectly beautiful place for a proposal that was made so much more special with Ginny’s sweet daughter there! How awesome is this background with Haley’s beautiful hair too?!

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Daugherty Family | Welcoming Baby Logan | VA Beach Family Photographer

Lauren and Michael are so excited to have their little guy Logan join their family! It was a tough pregnancy for Lauren as she spent many weeks on bed rest ensuring that her son would have a safe arrival into this world. Once he was finally ready, he ended up needing a little coaxing to come out, but Logan finally made his appearance at a whopping 9 pounds 7 ounces!! He joins big sister Emma who tried to be my assistant during our at-home session, placing makeup brushes and purses down for me to practice focusing on! Haha!

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Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-1 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-3 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-4 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-5 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-6 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-7 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-9 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-10 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-11 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-13 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-14 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-15 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-16 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-17 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-18 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-19 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-20 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-21 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-23 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-25 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-27 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-28 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-30 Daugherty_VA_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-31