Katie + Frank | Engagement Session | Nancy Wiley Photography | Virginia Beach Photographer

Katie has always been a big fan of shopping, so when Frank smoothly asked her to help him go shopping to decorate his new house, Katie was more than happy to oblige. Frank quickly stole Katie’s heart, and it soon became clear that they made a great team! Katie professed, “Our time together is full of laughter, and I can’t wait to spend forever with him!”

These two laughed throughout their whole engagement session together! At the beginning of our shoot, Frank, who has a great love for dogs, had mentioned wanting to go pet a dog that he saw down the beach. Towards the end our session, a dog ran up to Katie and Frank, gave them both kisses, stopped to pose, and smiled for the camera!!! Funniest photobomb ever!!

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Ellsworth Family Session | Sandbridge Beach Family Vacation Session | Nancy Wiley Photography | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

Love when families vacationing in Sandbridge, Virginia Beach, contact me for an extended family session! The Ellsworth Family came all the way from Western Pennsylvania and Northeast Ohio to have their family vacation at Sandbridge Beach for the second year in a row, after 18 years of vacationing in the Outer Banks. Such an honor to capture these fun and wonderful memories!!
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Brynn | “Keeping the Peace” | Newborn Session | Nancy Wiley Photography | Virginia Beach Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Brynn’s parents started their journey in not the most typical romantic environment. They like to tell people that they met in jail, and then usually get some pretty stunned looks and are asked for more details!! Jacqueline and Cody actually met at the Norfolk City jail where they both worked; Jacqueline as a nurse, and Cody as a police officer.

“We joke and say that we are the typical American family – a cop and a nurse!” Jacqueline shared. Cody was born and raised in Virginia, while Jacqueline is originally from Germany and moved to the States when she was 12. Jacqueline enlisted in the Army Reserves, which brought her to Virginia Beach. Check out the special poses of newborn Brynn with her daddy’s police cap and mommy’s uniform and dog tags!

Tiny Brynn kept her parents on their toes the whole pregnancy with small hiccups here and there, and decided to make her entrance into the world three weeks early! Brynn was what is called “Frank breech” inside her mommy’s womb, so her little legs stuck straight up in front of her body with her feet near her head. During her session, Brynn’s sweet legs decided they were most comfortable sticking straight out, sometimes right up in the air, even while completely relaxed and asleep! 🙂 Also check out the insanely cute little pout that Brynn puts on while her mommy was holding her! Too precious!!

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Yay For Harper Rhea | 2nd Birthday Celebration & Full-Speed Chase | VA Beach Photographer

Oh, little Miss Harper Rhea. Seriously never a dull moment with this girl!! If you want to have some fun, hang with Harper! I definitely got my little preggo workout in chasing this firecracker all over for her 2nd Birthday Celebration session! Harper is FAST, but oh so sweet and witty, stating, “I AM the princess!” Her grandma asked her if she had any sugar yet, and she responded, “I AM the sugar!” A couple accidental dips in the fish pond and pool and it was quite the event. Haha!

One of my favorite moments? When Harper opened up some pretty sparkly pink shoes, her face lit up and she exclaimed, “Shoes!!” and subsequently hugged and caressed her new favorite foot apparel. 🙂

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Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-1 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-2 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-3 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-4 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-5 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-6 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-7 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-8 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-9 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-10 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-11 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-12 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-13 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-14 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-15 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-16 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-17 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-18 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-19 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-20 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-21 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-22 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-23 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-24 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-25 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-26 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-27 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-28 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-29 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-30 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-31 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-32 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-33 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-34 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-35 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-36 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-37 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-38 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-39 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-40 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-41 Harper_Birthday_VA_Beach_Photographer-42

Preston | Festive Fall Session | VA Beach Photographer

My little Kamden and I met Mr. Preston when he was only three months old! My neighbor and now good friend, Christine, and I were both walking our chronically cranky infants who much preferred to be outside. We soon learned that our little tykes had quite a bit in common, and over two years later they are great buddies! We shot this session at our beloved local park where we have spent many an outing chasing our active little boys all around. Preston was quite the impressive two-year-old at his session, giving me plenty of smiles, sitting, and waiting till we said okay for him to “go play with Kam?” 🙂 I just love themed sessions, and take a look at the beautiful fall colors starting to come out!

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Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-1 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-2 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-3 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-4 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-5 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-6 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-7 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-8 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-16 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-17 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-18 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-19 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-20 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-21 Preston_Fall_FB_VA_Beach_Photographer-22

Kearstyn + Jerrimie | Home Is Where the Heart Is | 3 Year Anniversary | VA Beach Couples Photographer

Kearstyn and Jerrimie were high school sweethearts! They actually both met in Kindergarten, but didn’t start dating until their junior year of high school. Kearstyn and Jerrimie are both from small towns in Ohio, and the Marines brought them to Virginia a little over 2 1/2 years ago. Together they have a beautiful 20-month-old daughter named Natalee. They are anxiously awaiting Jerrimie’s new orders, but one thing is for sure, for Kearstyn and Jerrimie, “Home is where the heart is!”

I just love how they decided to celebrate their 3rd year of marriage with a sunset photo session together by the pier at Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach. It is so important to keep that spark alive!! ❤

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Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-1 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-2 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-3 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-4 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-5 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-6 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-7 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-8 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-9 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-10 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-11 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-12 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-13 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-15 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-16 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-17 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-18 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-19 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-20 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-21 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-22 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-23 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-24 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-25 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-26 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-27 Gordon_Anniversary_VA_Beach_Couples_Photographer-28

Taylor | A Bright Young Lady | Individual Photo Session

I had the pleasure of photographing my coworker’s gorgeous daughter, Taylor, at the VA Tech Hampton Roads AREC Display Gardens in Virginia Beach, VA. Taylor definitely rocked it and was very comfortable in front of the camera. It’s evident that she has a shining personality. Just look at how her beauty shines through, and I think I can even see her gazing up at her bright future off in the distance!

In her mom, Beverly’s words, “Taylor is a sweet girl who enjoys her family and friends and being outdoors. She is quite a nerd and will always be a big kid! She hopes to work in an ad agency working on magazine ads. Dream job!” I have no doubt that this girl will be fulfilling her dreams in no time!!!

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Taylor_FB-2 Taylor_FB-4 Taylor_FB-5 Taylor_FB-6 Taylor_FB-7 Taylor_FB-8 Taylor_FB-9 Taylor_FB-10 Taylor_FB-11 Taylor_FB-12 Taylor_FB-13 Taylor_FB-14 Taylor_FB-15 Taylor_FB-16 Taylor_FB-17 Taylor_FB-18 Taylor_FB-19 Taylor_FB-20 Taylor_FB-21 Taylor_FB-22 Taylor_FB-23 Taylor_FB-24 Taylor_FB-25 Taylor_FB-26 Taylor_FB-27 Taylor_FB-28 Taylor_FB-29 Taylor_FB-1

Erin + Addison | Living in the Moment | Kids Session

Remember those carefree days when the only worry in the world was what adventure you were going to go on next? Well, I had a glimpse back into those joyful days when I had the opportunity to capture some images of 5-year-old Erin & 2-1/2-year-old Addison!! There was not an inch of the VA Tech Hampton Roads AREC Display Gardens in Virginia Beach that was not explored by these two adventurers. Erin exclaimed, “Come on, sissy!! This is so fun. This is like an adventure!”

These two beauties not only love exploring outside, but they ran, danced, and sang through fields of wildflowers in their adorable little cowgirl boots!! Little miss Erin wants to grow up to be a veterinarian, and little sis Addy will follow her big sister anywhere. I can’t wait to see where these two sisters end up on their adventures in the future. They already have a lot figured out… exploring nature’s treasures, stopping to smell the flowers, soaking up the sun, dancing like nobody’s watching, singing at the top of their lungs, spinning in circles with their eyes shut… living in the moment!!!

Take a tip from these joyous, sweet girls today and go out and explore. Live in the moment and just be. Soak up the JOY, folks! It’s so worth it. 🙂

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Barhydt_FB-34 Barhydt_FB-33 Barhydt_FB-32 Barhydt_FB-31 Barhydt_FB-30 Barhydt_FB-29 Barhydt_FB-28 Barhydt_FB-27 Barhydt_FB-26 Barhydt_FB-25 Barhydt_FB-24 Barhydt_FB-23 Barhydt_FB-22 Barhydt_FB-21 Barhydt_FB-20 Barhydt_FB-19 Barhydt_FB-18 Barhydt_FB-17 Barhydt_FB-16 Barhydt_FB-15 Barhydt_FB-14 Barhydt_FB-13 Barhydt_FB-12 Barhydt_FB-11 Barhydt_FB-10 Barhydt_FB-9 Barhydt_FB-8 Barhydt_FB-7 Barhydt_FB-6 Barhydt_FB-5 Barhydt_FB-4 Barhydt_FB-3 Barhydt_FB-2 Barhydt_FB-1 Barhydt_FB-35