Declan Patrick | Sweetest Baby on the Block | Virginia Beach Newborn Photographer

Declan Patrick… he will steal your heart in seconds!!! I honestly have never come across a sweeter, more content, and peaceful newborn. At only 14 days old, he was wide-eyed and alert for almost the entire session! Even smiling occasionally while awake, but mostly at his parents when they’d hold him! 🙂 I did not hear him make one little peep until our three hour session was almost over! Oh man, what a sweetheart. Hearing Declan’s parents’ story, you’ll see why they totally deserve a sweet baby like him!

Declan’s parents, Kate & Brian met in… get this… Kindergarten!!! Kate stated that, “He used to share his seat with me on the bus.” They were friends all through school in Columbiana, Ohio and started dating their senior year of high school. Kate & Brian spent one semester apart in college before Brian transferred to be with Kate. They were engaged the day that they graduated college, and married a year later! The two moved to Virginia shortly after their one year anniversary so that Kate could get a teaching job. Next month, they will be celebrating eight years of marriage, and 12 years as a couple!

Last summer Kate & Brian decided that the time was finally right to start a family, and the two not-so-secretly wanted a boy! When it was time for them for find out what they were having, they did a sweet little private gender reveal where Brian surprised Kate! During their ultrasound, Kate closed her eyes so that Brian could later reveal the sex of their baby to his wife. Kate popped a balloon and blue confetti went flying!! Brian also baked Kate a blue cake; however, during the baking of the blue cake, Brian accidentally spilled some blue coloring on his hands, so he then had to rub some red food coloring on his hands in order to not ruin the surprise for Kate!! Haha! Love it!

Kate & Brian very patiently awaited the birth of their son… even having to wait over a week after his due date for him to arrive! Declan was obviously worth the wait. Just take a look at this precious little face!!

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Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-2 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-3 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-4 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-5 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-6 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-7 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-8 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-9 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-10 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-11 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-12 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-13 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-14 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-15 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-16 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-17 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-18 Declan_FB_Newborn-1Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-19 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-20 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-21 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-22 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-23 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-24 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-25 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-26 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-27 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-28 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-29 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-30 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-31 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-32 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-33 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-34 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-35 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-36 Declan_FB_Virginia_Beach_Newborn_Photographer-37


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