Miss Grace Is ONE | A Lily & A Lollipop – First Birthday| VA Beach Family Photographer

What a sweeeet, sweet baby girl Miss Grace was at her FIRST birthday photo shoot!! The weather called for rain, but we attempted to take some indoor shots, and were so lucky to be able to take some outdoors and even on the gorgeous golf greens right outside (right before we ran from some showers)! 

Watch little Grace as she plays “he loves me, he loves me not” with a beautiful white lily, and then as she so adorably tries her very first lollipop!! The hardest thing about this session was picking which shots to use, because seriously Gracie was the most photogenic baby I’ve ever captured! 

Absolutely loved capturing such a sweet and special time for this family at Grace’s great uncle’s home in Virginia Beach. I know very well how exciting a time it is, especially for your first baby! 🙂

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Szerokman Family | Beachcombing Cousins | VA Beach Family Photographer

I attempted to rewrite Maddie & Andrew’s mommy’s story of her kiddos and their sweet cousins, but then I realized that I loved it exactly the way it was written! Here goes… 🙂
“Maddie, Andrew, Anna and Emily are close cousins – though they don’t get to spend as much time together as they like with 6 states between them. When they get together, they have a good time!
Andrew being the only boy sometimes separates himself from the group and finds enjoyment in his Legos, though there are times he likes to participate in dress up play!
Maddie and Anna enjoy a fun board game, crafts, and dressing up their American Girl dolls.
Emily, though only 2, can hold her own and has become quite the expert on finding even the smallest piece of sea glass! !
A commonality among the four is that they all enjoy being at the beach. Having parents who spent so much of their childhood at the beach, it was bound to happen!”
These cousins really are the sweetest!! They really enjoyed combing Chick’s Beach under the Lynnhaven Fishing Pier for seashells and sea glass, giving the wooden pier big hugs, and jumping and splashing on the water’s edge! 
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Tyler Family | Enjoying Every Season | VA Beach Family Photographer

Well, I certainly snapped, snapped, snapped away at the Tyler family session, as we tried to sneak in our long-awaited session before a summer storm rolled in and drenched us, the Virginia Beach sands, and Amanda’s cute green bench! So glad I was able to (quickly) capture this great friend of mine and her sweet kiddos (and a couple cousins) at their favorite beach spot! 
Mom, Amanda, said about her family, “We have so much fun and don’t want for anything!” They enjoy EVERY season of childhood. Amanda explained that she is never ready for a season to end, and every season is better than the last! They grow together as a family, and help each other grow in each season they are in. The Tyler family loves to travel to new places, and they all love sports of any kind, but especially football and wrestling right now. 
The oldest, Jacob, 15, has the kindest, most genuine heart. He is a beast in sports, and is usually a leader on his sports teams. He works hard at everything he does. He takes great care of his mother. When he is not busy with sports or school, he spends hours practicing his electric guitar.
Amanda’s second, David, 13, is wise beyond his years, and he is a natural leader. He was born with a drive and focus that most adults don’t have! He excels in sports and academics. He is a fierce protector of kids younger than him and kids with special needs. 
The youngest, Emma, 8, is always on the go! She is always an optimist and wants to try everything. She is both a girly girl and a tomboy all at the same time. She loves dressing up, getting her nails done, and doesn’t understand why she can’t wear makeup yet! With that being said, she also loves catching frogs, getting muddy, and competing in sports just like her older brothers. 
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  Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-1 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-3 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-5 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-6 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-7 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-9 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-10 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-11 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-12 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-13 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-14 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-15 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-16 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-17 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-18 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-19 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-20 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-21 Tyler_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-22

Vann Family | Love With All You Got | VA Beach Family Photographer

Megan & Chris knew each other since they were very young. Throughout the years, they kept in touch through Facebook. In late 2012, they became a couple and were married the following year in June! Megan explains, “We always try to have fun no matter what we are doing.” 

The couple has two kids: Kayden, 10, who loves video games, baseball, and snacks; and Hadley, 4, who loves dolls and stuffed animals! Megan & Chris are also expecting their first baby together in January 2015 and are very excited!! The family holds every moment and memory together as precious, since they are only all together every summer and every other holiday. They cherish every experience they have together. According to Megan, “We always say, ‘live, laugh, and love with everything you got!'” 

Kayden & Hadley definitely had a blast at Pleasure House Point in Virginia Beach, exploring the trails along Virginia Beach’s tidal marsh, ponds, maritime forest, and the sandy shores of the Lynnhaven River. 

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Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-1 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-2 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-3 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-5 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-6 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-7 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-8 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-9 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-10 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-11 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-12 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-15 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-16 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-17 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-18 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-20 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-21 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-22 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-23 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-24 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-25 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-26 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-27 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-28 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-29 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-30 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-31 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-32 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-33 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-35 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-36 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-37 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-38 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-40 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-41 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-42 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-43 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-44 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-45 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-47 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-48 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-49 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-50 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-51 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-52 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-53 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-55 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-56 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-57 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-60 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-61 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-62 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-63 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-65 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-66 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-67 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-68 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-69 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-70 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-71 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-73 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-74 Vann_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-75

Palmer Family | Derick the Defeater Saves the Day | VA Beach Family Photographer

“We are so blessed.”

It’s a common phrase you might hear from a large family. Nothing out of the ordinary. To the Palmer family, however, it is more than just words. It is a phrase that keeps them going, makes them appreciative, and reminds themselves just how blessed they are.  

It has been one hell of a year for the Palmer family. In mid-April of 2013, Dirk & Gina’s youngest son, Derick, now 7, was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma. He underwent 9 1/2 hours of brain surgery to remove an egg-sized malignant tumor. Shortly after, he endured 6 1/2 weeks of Radiation Proton Therapy, next, 9 rounds of chemotherapy, and just last week started a new course of chemo. “Derick the Defeater” has been putting up a mighty fight against cancer, and every day he proves he is just so very brave and strong! You can follow Derick’s journey at Derick the Defeater on Facebook. If you read his story from the beginning, one phrase that you’ll find all throughout his mom’s (Gina) entries is, “We are blessed.” 

The Palmer family has also been separated by distance the past year, with Dirk, Gina, and Derick in Virginia, oldest Alexis, 21, in college in Florida, and younger daughter Mikaela, 18, completing and just graduating from high school in Spain. While the family was reunited for a few weeks this summer, I offered to capture their first whole family photos (since the girls were very young) at Mt. Trashmore. The very strong bond of love of the Palmer family was described perfectly by Mikaela’s quote on their family photo sneak peek on Instagram: “Our family; a circle of strength, founded on faith, joined by love, kept by God, forever together.” 


What an amazing family. I had the pleasure of seeing Derick almost every day the past year, and his little spirit would come bounding into school, often the day after treatment, with a smile on his face – never to complain about pain or being slowed down a little bit. Talk about a positive attitude!!! The little guy undoubtedly gained his bright spirit and strength from his family. Please show Derick the Defeater your support by following his page to help his fight!

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Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-1 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-3 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-4 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-5 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-6 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-8 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-9 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-10 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-11 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-13 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-14 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-15 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-16 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-17Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-63 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-18 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-19 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-20 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-21 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-22 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-23 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-24 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-25 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-26 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-27 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-28 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-29 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-30 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-31 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-32 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-33 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-34 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-35 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-36 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-37 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-38 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-41 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-42 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-43 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-44 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-45 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-46 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-47 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-48 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-49 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-50 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-51 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-52 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-53 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-54 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-55 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-56 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-58 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-59 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-60 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-61 Palmer_VA_Beach_Family_Photographer-62

Workman Family | A Curious Case of Twins | Family Session | VA Beach Family Photographer

Krystal & Jared roamed the First Landing State Park sands in Virginia Beach chasing their sweet and fun TWINS, Jakob & Joslyn, while vacationing for the 4th of July weekend. According to Krystal, their family’s story line is still unfolding, but it sounds to me like the family has quite a bit going on already! In Krystal’s words, “Parenting has changed our lives, and parenting twins has been intense… but highly enjoyable at the same time.” Currently, they are loving the 4-year-old stage! Each twin is developing who they are and they are providing them tools and resources to explore their world. Krystal explained that the twins’ curiosity is extraordinary, and they try to feed their curiosity appetite through books and exposure to new things.

I definitely got to experience Jakob & Joslyn’s adorable curiosity. To get some big smiles, the twins shared giggles over Dung Beetles — something the two had recently learned about in one of their books! Haha! When they came across some small washed up jellyfish, the two eagerly held them and quietly observed them with pure fascination. Curious kiddos are such a wonderful constant reminder to appreciate the little everyday things and to remain curious ourselves!

Mom, Krystal, has also been very busy with a recent invention and patent of a twin baby carrier that she is currently working to mass produce! An incredibly handy invention in my opinion, for anyone with twins, and especially anyone with young children close in age! Babywearing was a total lifesaver for my own high-needs baby a couple years ago! Check out Krystal’s TwinGo Carrier, and like/visit/share her TwinGo Carrier Facebook page with anyone you know who may benefit from a twin baby carrier!! 🙂 

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Ballard-Maung Family | 200% Successful | Twin Family Session

Danny & Erin began their individual journeys in two very different places on the Earth. Danny was actually born in the country of Burma (Myanmar), moved to Singapore, finally settled in Virginia as a teenager, and later became a U.S. citizen. Erin grew up in a little town called Hartland in Vermont and moved to Virginia in 2000 to attend Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. The two crossed paths while attending VCU and later began their lives as a married couple in 2008.

Once married, Danny & Erin decided to start a family. Two long years passed when doctors finally determined that infertility issues only gave them a .1% chance of having children of their own without medical intervention. After a lengthy medical process, Danny & Erin went in to find out if they were pregnant. As Erin put it, “We discovered we were 200% successful!” After all their struggles, they found out that they were not only expecting, but they were expecting a TWIN pregnancy!!

Erin continued, “We couldn’t have been more blessed or more grateful that we got two crazy, rambunctious, healthy boys who are the center of our universe. All the unknowns, all the fears of infertility and the process itself were worth the outcome.”

This family session was shot at the beautiful and historic Manassas Battlefield in Manassas, Virginia before sunset. Elijiah (Eli) & Gabriel (Gabe) had great fun running around the battlefield and exploring the grounds. One of their favorite things was repeatedly yelling, “Helloooo” into the crack of the locked door on the white barn. In true twin fashion, where one twin ran, the other, in turn, galloped the opposite way! However, I was somehow able to capture a few shots of them together, and even a couple of the boys sweetly hugging each other!! Best buddies for life, for sure!!!

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Ballard-Maung_FB-1 Ballard-Maung_FB-2 Ballard-Maung_FB-4 Ballard-Maung_FB-5 Ballard-Maung_FB-6 Ballard-Maung_FB-7 Ballard-Maung_FB-9 Ballard-Maung_FB-11 Ballard-Maung_FB-12 Ballard-Maung_FB-13 Ballard-Maung_FB-14 Ballard-Maung_FB-15 Ballard-Maung_FB-16 Ballard-Maung_FB-17 Ballard-Maung_FB-18 Ballard-Maung_FB-20 Ballard-Maung_FB-22 Ballard-Maung_FB-23 Ballard-Maung_FB-24 Ballard-Maung_FB-25 Ballard-Maung_FB-27 Ballard-Maung_FB-28 Ballard-Maung_FB-29 Ballard-Maung_FB-30 Ballard-Maung_FB-32 Ballard-Maung_FB-33 Ballard-Maung_FB-34 Ballard-Maung_FB-35 Ballard-Maung_FB-36 Ballard-Maung_FB-37 Ballard-Maung_FB-38 Ballard-Maung_FB-39 Ballard-Maung_FB-40 Ballard-Maung_FB-41 Ballard-Maung_FB-43 Ballard-Maung_FB-46 Ballard-Maung_FB-47 Ballard-Maung_FB-49 Ballard-Maung_FB-50 Ballard-Maung_FB-51 Ballard-Maung_FB-52 Ballard-Maung_FB-54 Ballard-Maung_FB-55 Ballard-Maung_FB-56 Ballard-Maung_FB-57 Ballard-Maung_FB-58 Ballard-Maung_FB-59 Ballard-Maung_FB-61 Ballard-Maung_FB-63 Ballard-Maung_FB-64 Ballard-Maung_FB-65 Ballard-Maung_FB-66 Ballard-Maung_FB-67 Ballard-Maung_FB-68 Ballard-Maung_FB-69 Ballard-Maung_FB-70 Ballard-Maung_FB-71 Ballard-Maung_FB-72 Ballard-Maung_FB-73 Ballard-Maung_FB-74 Ballard-Maung_FB-75 Ballard-Maung_FB-77 Ballard-Maung_FB-78 Ballard-Maung_FB-79 Ballard-Maung_FB-80 Ballard-Maung_FB-81 Ballard-Maung_FB-83 Ballard-Maung_FB-84 Ballard-Maung_FB-85 Ballard-Maung_FB-86 Ballard-Maung_FB-87 Ballard-Maung_FB-88 Ballard-Maung_FB-89 Ballard-Maung_FB-90 Ballard-Maung_FB-91 Ballard-Maung_FB-92 Ballard-Maung_FB-93

Tiffany & Danyelle | Oh Boy! It’s Another Boy!! | Gender Reveal

Tiffany & Danyelle are such a sweet, happy couple. They were just filled with joy throughout the whole session. They are so eager to meet their new baby in a few months! They were so excited to find out the gender of their baby, but Tiffany stated that they had “no expectations!”  They are grateful, joyful, and and so happy to welcome another child into their family.

Poor big brother Isaiah did get a little overwhelmed after the explosion of blue everywhere. Once his mommies explained that he was indeed having a baby brother, the little guy sobbed and sobbed. No doubt with time, he will absolutely love to have a little brother to play with and teach new things!

What made this session even more special was that they invited their closest friends and family to watch the reveal! Everyone close to them found out the same moment that Tiffany, Danyelle, and Isaiah found out! So special!!!

I had so much fun doing this session for this sweet family! What a blast, and what an honor to share in such a special moment that they will cherish forever and someday be able to look back on and share with their new little boy.

If you have an upcoming special event, I would love to capture it for you! These milestone events in people’s lives are so meaningful. 🙂

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Bertrand Family | Worth Waiting For | Family Session

Sooo much love for this little boy, Connor. Even through the inevitable two-year-old fits thrown throughout our photo session!! Haha. These parents kept their cool and were so patient… always with a loving look on their faces. Sarah & Tim are appreciating every single moment with their precious baby boy, and there’s a reason why they are so so appreciative of having their son, Connor.

Sarah & Tim met by chance. On a night that Sarah wasn’t meant to work, at a restaurant that Tim didn’t even want to go to that night, they happened to come across each other and were hooked!! It must’ve been fate! They were married May 10th, 2008 surrounded by their loving friends and family.

Once married, they decided to fulfill their dream of becoming parents, much like other couples, but unfortunately for Sarah & Tim, they struggled to get pregnant. After three long years of trying, “the longest of their lives,” puts Sarah, their lives were finally changed forever with the birth of their son on March 31st, 2012. Connor Scott, the light of their lives, was born perfect and was absolutely worth waiting for!!!

This session was shot at beautiful Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach before sunset, and precisely right before a certain two-year-old was totally done! Sweet Connor actually started out terrified of the sand, and as it turns out, was terribly upset to leave! Oh, life is rough, especially if you’re two!!! 😉

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